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Telfonix uses Visionary Medical Systems, Inc., which receives Claredi Certification of HIPAA-Compliant Transactions.  Telfonix.com utilizes Visionary Medical Systems a leader in the development of healthcare technology solutions obtained HIPAA-Compliant certification from Claredi the leading provider of HIPAA EDI compliance testing and certification.

To receive this certification, Visionary had to generate and submit professional claim transactions to Claredi for analysis and multi-level testing. The guidelines developed by the Strategic National Implementation Process (SNIP), a part of WEDI, entities require testing their system to six different levels to assure compliance. Claredi certification confirms that Visionary Medical customers are able to electronically transmit insurance claims that are in compliance with the standards set by HIPAA.

Receiving the Claredi certification for HIPAA transactions puts Visionary Medical just one more step towards achieving our overall commitment to assist our customers with their HIPAA compliance solutions.


About Claredi

Claredi is the nation's leading commercial provider of HIPAA EDI compliance testing and certification. Claredi offers payers, providers, clearinghouses and vendors certification that their healthcare EDI is compliant with the requirements of HIPAA legislation. Claredi also offers an extensive range of supplemental HIPAA EDI services. Click this link for Visionary Medical Systems, Inc Claredi directory listing: www.claredi.com