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Billing System Product Overview
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Product Overview

This quote, from a recent healthcare article on practice management software, probably sums up the needs of the healthcare community:

"Imagine that your practice could submit all claims electronically, track the status of claims with the push of a button and communicate online with payers to confirm patient eligibility and determine what services will be paid when. Now imagine that payments could be received electronically and automatically posted to your practice's accounting software. Finally, imagine that your office could analyze payment data so that you could determine what procedures; payers and contracts were most or least profitable for your practice. And moreover, what if what I've described could actually lower your overhead costs?"

The Hippo is a combination of software and web data services developed to provide anytime, anywhere access to a HIPAA-compliant Practice Management service. The service is available to healthcare providers through a monthly subscription fee. The Company is committed to utilizing the right components needed to deliver the very best service to its target market.