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Why Outsource
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**** Hippo is an American company, based out of Ponte Vedra Beach, FL.   ****

Why Outsource
Doctor's office are very busy. Day to day activities such as phone calls, appointments, referrals, insurance verifications and technical problems all take priority over billing.  Billing is often left till the end of the day when all the staff is ready to call it quits and go home. billing now becomes secondary instead of primary. These and so many other factors result in a lower revenue for the doctor.  If all this sounds familiar to you, here are some great reasons why you should consider soutsourcing:

Improved Office Efficiency

Outsourcing eliminates the time consuming demands of medical billing from the already overburdened office staff. Your employees will have more time to devote to your patients and other essential activities to maintain a proper medical practice.



Our company takes great pride on the extensive and through follow-up on pending claims. State of the art billing software allows us to check on the status of every single claim submitted to insurance payers. The physician is notified immediately of any billing errors and modifications are made to ensure full reimbursement by the insurance companies.


Eliminate Rejected Claims

Insurance companies report that 30% of paper claims are discarded, suspended or never processed at all due to negligence. By sending your claims electronically combined with our complete follow-up you elimate the improper rejection and mishandling of paper claims.


Increased Cash Flow

With our complete billing cycle, which includes daily claims processing, extensive follow-up and continuously updated accounts receivable, we guarantee you a noticeable, increased cash flow.


Daily Claims Processing

Your claims get processed daily resulting in faster claim reimbursements. The headaches and inconviences of your billing secretary becoming sick or going on vacation are eliminated. Training a new secretary to do your billing because the previous one quit will never be a problem again. Your claims get processed daily without any sort of interruptions.