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We have gone to the expense to make you successful by tackling the challenges of HIPAA!

Best of All - -  Our Software Solution is FREE to Hippo Clients!

We utilize Visionary Medical systems and/or Rapid EMR.   Here is a brief overview of each, whith a link to their web site.


Visionary Medical Systems

These days just taking care of patients is not enough. To effectively manage the business side of healthcare you need Visionary OFFICE™ PM. Visionary OFFICE™ PM offers an easy to use Windows interface featuring a seamless integration of Medical Billing, Appointment Scheduling and Patient Information, providing the physician a tool that contains all the financial, clinical, and operational elements of a successful running practice.


Easy to Use and Easy to Manage.


Access all patient demographic and financial information quickly at one central location.

Enter the charges for a routine visit simply by entering the patient's ID, procedure code and diagnosis code.

Post charges, payments and adjustments.

Correct posting errors quickly and maintain full audit trail.

Procedure codes, diagnosis codes and other information can be entered
as needed.

Ideal for single or multiple practice settings.


Improve Cash Flow and Collections.

Process claims electronically to commercial and government insurance carriers.

Post claims automatically using electronic remittance.

Track insurance receivables and late payments.

Create multiple fee schedules by provider and insurance carrier.

Print statements by practice, provider and account type.


Practice and Patient Reporting.

Quickly create and save customized reports.

Track provider productivity.

Track referring source revenue by charges, receipts or by aging.



RAPID EMR chiropractic software helps doctors perform better exams, enhance and accelerate treatment plans, and expedite reimbursements in every professional setting – from solo practices to large, integrated multi-discipline clinics.

RAPID EMR accommodates the way you run and manage your chiropractic office. It automates your note-taking with 100 percent customizable text, automatically builds and maintains well-organized electronic files and generates reports instantly with the touch of a few keys.

  • Get paid faster with less resistance
  • Save big money on transcription services
  • Eliminate data entry errors and save your staff time with Patient Check-In Kiosk
  • Protect medical records and other data with high-level security
  • Cover any time range, any billing package or service with interoperable Superbill

RAPID EMR follows your patients’ course from initial visit through treatment and final examination.  All of your necessary reports are there, and then some:

  • Initial Examination
  • SOAP Notes
  • Ten outcomes assessment reports
  • Final Examination
  • Final reports

Doctors report than fully 20% of the time in a typical chiropractic office is spent on paperwork. RAPID EMR eliminates paper processes -- charting, transcription, and filing and more, enables fewer employees to accomplish more with less effort, keeps costs low.

Find out more about the latest technological innovations in RAPID EMR. Click on our software demos and/or download a free trial version. See for yourself how much easier and productive your documentation and reporting processes can be.







The solution is your ticket to success! Ask us how you can take advantage of this opportunity!


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